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Post 2015 agenda

The development world has shifted considerably since the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were established in 2000. The rising influence of civil society writ large, starting with the events of 2011 across North Africa that helped inspire other citizen-led action around the world, is perhaps the most visible of these shifts. Around the world, institutional powers…


The world is in the throes of a period of urbanization unprecedented in mankind’s history. Such is the pace of city growth that we are required to build the equivalent of seven Chicagos every year to accommodate the new residents of world cities. Africa is leading in the creation of this new Urban Millennium. By…


That a robust virtual presence encourages healthy real-world community remains one of the more counterintuitive ironies of the digital age. 15 years ago, skeptics predicted that when people could enjoy more experiences online, physical isolation would increase as people opted to stay home in front of their computers. These skeptics were largely wrong. In 2012,…

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